Cancer Frontier Fund

The Cancer Frontier Fund was launched by The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital to realize the vision of Amy and Bill Koman, Foundation board member, to give every person the opportunity to help accelerate the pace of cancer breakthroughs.

Every award made from the Foundation’s Cancer Frontier Fund is given to support clinical research projects at the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center that are focused on rapidly advancing better treatments and prevention strategies for cancer.


Individual Awards

PI: William Gillanders, MD

Co-investigators: Timothy Fleming, PhD; Simon Goedegebuure, PhD; Feng Gao, MD, PhD; A. Craig Lockhart, MD; Foluso Ademuyiwa, MD; David Denardo, PhD

Project: "Phase 1B Clinical Trial of a Candidate Breast Cancer Prevention Vaccine"

Goal: To advance the development of a vaccine with the potential to prevent breast cancer.


PI: Gerald Linette, MD, PhD

Co-investigator: Beatriz Carreno, PhD; Elaine Mardis, PhD

Project: "Patient-specific mutation-directed immunotherapy for melanoma"

Goal: To create a personalized vaccine to activate the immune system to fight melanoma.


PI: John F. DiPersio, MD, PhD

Co-investigators: Jaebok Choi, PhD; Mark Schroeder, MD

Project: "Epigenetic Modulation of GvHD and GvL"

Goal: To determine if a drug, given just after bone marrow transplant, can potentially reduce a painful, life-threatening side effect.


PI: Lee Ratner, MD, PhD

Project: "Role of Notch Signaling in AIDS-Associated Kaposi’s Sarcoma"

Goal: To determine if a certain class of drugs is effective in treating Kaposi’s Sarcoma and possibly other cancers.


Team Awards

PI: A. Craig Lockhart, MD

Co-investigators: Jean Wang, MD, PhD; Jason Mills, MD, PhD; Yan Yan, MD, PhD

Project: "Tamoxifen to Treat Barrett’s Metaplasia"

Goal: To determine if a current hormonal therapy drug can prevent esophageal cancer.


PI: John F. DiPersio, MD

Co-investigators: Daniel Link, MD; Todd Fehniger, MD, PhD; William Frazier, PhD; Geoffrey Uy, MD; Reid Townsend, PhD; Michael Rettig, PhD; Rizwan Romee, MD

Project: "Immune Based Therapies for AML"

Goal: To find new avenues to treat leukemia by activating the patient’s immune own cells.


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